Explore video readings and commentary from poets featured in Latino Poetry: The Library of America Anthology.

Ada Limón Reads “Put Attention” by Laurie Ann Guerrero

Ada Limón Reads “The End of Poetry”

Ada Limón Reads “The End of Poetry” (with Commentary)

Ada Limón Reads “Tortilla Smoke” by Natalie Diaz

Andrés Cerpa Reads “The Distance between Love & My Language”

Darrel Alejandro Holnes Reads “Cristo Negro de Portobelo”

Deborah Paredez Reads “Year of the Dog: Walls and Mirrors”

José Olivarez Reads “Mexican American Disambiguation”

Martín Espada reads “Alabanza: In Praise of Local 100”

Rigoberto González Reads “Exiles” by Juan Felipe Herrera

Rigoberto González Reads “In Colorado My Father Scoured and Stacked Dishes”

Rigoberto González Reads “Operation Wetback” by Diana García

Rigoberto González Reads “Un Beso Is Not a Kiss” by Francisco X. Alarcón

Rio Cortez Reads “Ars Poetica with Mother and Dogs”

Steven Alvarez Reads “1992/5th Sun/our present”

Urayoán Noel Reads “No Longer Ode” / “Oda indebida”

Urayoán Noel lee “Oda indebida” / “No Longer Ode”

Urayoán Noel lee “Sueño en inglés goleta” (“The Broken English Dream”) de Pedro Pietri

Vincent Toro Reads “Sonata of the Luminous Lagoon”